Minding Your Contentment

One commentary defines contentment as: “a mind satisfied with its lot.” The mind is where we fight our spiritual battles. It is where we choose how to respond when we face temptation. John MacArthur says that the mind is where sin is fantasized and energized and the imagination is where lust is conceived and activated. In order to be able to be content, we need to learn to control our minds. If we allow our minds to fantasize about the things we do not have, then we are going to be discontent. But if we choose to dwell on we know to be true, right, pure, lovely (Phil. 4:8), then we will be content “with such things as we have.” (Heb. 13:5)


  • Put off:  what are some things that tempt you to be discontent? (Facebook, Pinterest, romantic comedies, music that feeds into your emotions?)
  • Put on: make a list of truths to think about when you are tempted to be discontent.

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