Book Review // Disciplines of a Godly Family

Book Review // Disciplines of a Godly Family

When I was 19, I took my first parenting class. I was a Home Economics major at the Master’s College and it was required for my degree. It felt strange learning about parenting teenagers when I was one myself! Little did I know how much that class would change my life. I learned what it meant to discipline in such a way that it brings kids back to the Gospel and I learned that I can’t start learning to be a parent when I already am one.

That is why I would recommend this book for anyone – even if you are single. Kent and Barbara Hughes’ book explains why it is that we create family traditions, encourages family spirituality, and enlightens us as to why we should teach our kids manners or musical instruments.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

– “God considers remembering essential to spiritual health . In fact, remembrance is also given as the precise reason for instituting the Passover. Thus we must conclude that…remembering the things God has done for us is of the highest importance in personal spiritual formation and in raising children. It is imperative that we make disciplined attempts to preserve the memory of the great things God has done.” {Discipline of Starting Family Traditions]

“Self-sacrifice, therefore, is at the heart of manners…Manners are not a wooden list of rules regarding the use of the right fork or word or posture. Rather, courtesy is flexible and suject to the needs and feelings of the people involved.” {Discipline of Teaching Good Manners}

I highly recommend adding this book to your bookshelf! Click here to purchase Disciplines of a Godly Family (Paperback Edition)


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