Fresh, Fast, and {Almost} Free

Fresh, Fast, and {Almost} Free

As a new wife and previous Home-Economics major, I am eager to learn new tips to make my home a wonderful place. While reading my garbage disposal manual, (I know, super nerdy!) I was surprised to learn that you could throw citrus peels down your garbage disposal! Throwing the peels in your sink helps keep your garbage disposal running smoothly and it smells really good! After I cook with lemons, I throw the peels in the sink and run the disposal.

I also came across an article that gives 3 simple tips to keep your garbage disposal clean. Click on the photo of my kitchen to read the article.

– Throw some peels in your disposal and freshen up your home!


One thought on “Fresh, Fast, and {Almost} Free

  1. I found out about the citrus peel thing by accident one day, unfortunately our garbage disposal is anemic at best and throwing a big ol’ grapefruit peel down the drain causes some strange sounds to come from that little disposal unit. It does munch through cutie orange peels a little easier 🙂

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