Really Serious Stuff…


I don’t usually post twice in one day, but this book is so convicting that I had to blog about it. Learning to be Happy is a simplified version of Puritan Jeremiah Burrough’s Book The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.  It is an easy read with short chapters, but it packs a powerful punch! During my lunch break today, I was blown away by the following ten reasons why complaining is bad for Christians.

  1. Complaining is bad for us…because once we start it only gets worse. It will spread through the whole of our lives.
  2. Complaining is sinful – God will judge those who do it. (Jude 14-16)
  3. Complaining is rebellion against God.
  4. Complaining is especially serious because it is a contradiction of everything that happened when God converted us.
  5. Complaining is below the standard that God sets for Christians. If we complain, we say that God is not willing or able to look after our interests, it implies that we mistrust His love, and it implies that we do not believe He can or will help us.
  6. Complaining makes nonsense of our prayers. We cannot say, “Your will be done,” and expect our will to be done.
  7. Complaining only causes unhappiness – It is a waste of time. It makes us useless for the service of God. **Complaining is the first step to running away from God,** and like Jonah, attempting to frustrate God’s will rather than submit to it. Worst of all, complaining makes us ungrateful.
  8. Complaining is foolish. Does it make it easier to enjoy the things we do have? 
  9. Complaining provokes the anger of God. A restless and complaining spirit is the spirit of Satan. He was the first to rebel, the first to complain, the first to be cursed by God.
  10. God may withdraw His care and protection from those who complain… in order that He might discipline them or show them that they were not true believers to begin with.

Complaining is really serious stuff. We must examine our hearts and close our mouths to prevent from committing this serious sin.

If you want to read this book, you can purchase it here Learning to Be Happy


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