The Great Focaccia Fail


Don’t be fooled by this deceptively delicious-looking focaccia!

Yesterday I was craving focaccia and so I tried out this recipe. It seemed simple enough and I had all the ingredients (which is a rare event since I am still building my pantry)! I was running low on flour, so I used a cup of whole wheat flour. I figured since it wasn’t all whole wheat it wouldn’t affect it too much. I was definitely wrong about that! Instead of it being chewy and delicious, it was dense and dry. The flavor was okay, but you couldn’t get past the texture. My sweet husband told me it was delicious, but I told him he was mistaken! So I will be on the hunt to find a scrumptious focaccia recipe. If you have a great focaccia bread recipe, send it to me!


2 thoughts on “The Great Focaccia Fail

  1. Eh…throw it in the toaster and slather some butter on it šŸ™‚ It certainly looks good, and you are gutsy to try focaccia…I have not tried that one yet. I remember my first attempt at making french bread and ended up somehow killing the yeast and adding too much flour (I think I was trying to make a “healthy” version and also used whole wheat. I ended up with a doorstop or a brick, or something like that…yum šŸ˜›

    • 4allseason2000, I think it is even more gutsy meeting your husband on the rifle range!! I was thoroughly impressed by your “About me” page and your comment on my blog made me chuckle! Thanks for commiserating!

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