DIY Wedding – 3 Tips to Help You Save

Due to Pinterest’s influence, the DIY wedding has become very popular. DIY weddings have a special kind of charm to them. Furthermore, because of the economy, a lot of people are seeking ways to save money.

Here are a few tips and tricks that we learned from my wedding of how to be a good steward of the Lord’s money.

 Use what you have available to you – this could be anything from materials to skills. We happened to have a lot of wood in our backyard. Since I got married in February, we used the woody and had a forest-y theme. See below for pictures. 

Also, use the skills that you have or that others have to create a unique wedding. For        example, my talented aunt made a FABULOUS hot chocolate bar for our wedding. We were blessed to have the resource of her skill. 


All these photos (except for the invitation one) were taken by Haley Dennis of Haley Dennis Fine Art Photography! Love her work!

Make it yourself – this is the big compromise. It is not a compromise on cuteness or quality, but it is a compromise on time. We made our own invitations and programs. The invitation that we copied cost $5 on Etsy! And that wasn’t including the stamp! We figured that the total cost of our invitations was around $1.50. Much more affordable, but also much more time consuming. 




Think outside of the box – I knew that having floral centerpieces would hike up the cost of flowers significantly. So I decided to use the wood from our backyard to make cupcake tiers for our centerpieces. We ended up with centerpieces that were not only functional, but phenomenal! (But I might be a little biased! 😉 )


Hopefully those tips are helpful to those of you planning your own DIY wedding! 

Lastly, a big shout out to my family who was embossing envelopes, sawing centerpieces, and keeping me calm every step of the way. I love you!!


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