Trash2Treasure Tuesday – 3 Ways to Recycle a Frame


 The project that I thought would be today’s Trash2Treasure item is still in process. So… today I am highlighting 3 ways to recycle an old frame. Most of these frames I either got at the thrift store or at WalMart for a couple bucks.

  1. I love you because” frame – This Pinterest-inspired project is not an original idea, but with a few stickers and a frame you have an adorable easy gift! Use a white board marker to write on the glass and you can write a message to a loved one.
  2. Twine picture frames – With twine and small clothes pins, you can display pictures on the frame. I have used the teal frame and the white frame as decorations for teas, bridal showers, and around my home. I pulled off the back of the frames and spray painted them the colors I wanted.
  3. Menu – This frame was actually created by a friend of my mom’s. I loved it so much that I adopted it and use it for my meal planning. I tend to forget what meals I planned for which day and this helps me keep it straight! 🙂 You can use a dry erase marker on this one too and use it again and again.

Tune in next week to see what I do with these… hopefully they will turn out good! 😉



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