What the Melonas Family is Up To… Besides Making a Mess


Because my husband is out of school for the summer, we decided to tackle a few decorating projects. One of which was painting his bookshelf. While he was assembling some other bookshelves that we had purchased, I got the privilege of attempting to stain this bookshelf.

Maybe our mistake was trying to stain it black or maybe our mistake was getting advice on the best way to make it black at Home Depot in VanNuys … either way it didn’t go so well for me. I stained most of myself and not much of the bookshelf. I was already pretty frustrated by it, when I so brilliantly decided to point to something with my foot. Yes, you heard that right. Why I was pointing with my foot is beyond me. Needless to say, I knocked over the whole can of stain. In my apartment. I pretty much had a heart attack.

Unbelievably, most of it stayed on the tarp that we had down. Our only casualty is a small spot on the carpet about the size of my pinky finger nail. However, at this point, I was pretty frustrated. I couldn’t believe how many things were going wrong! I never can understand why it always seems to be one thing after another! I hate wasting money and I especially hate wasting time.

My husband who is incredibly patient and wise (he will hate me for saying those things, but it is true!) pointed out that God is sovereign even over things like spilling paint. Before the beginning of time God foreordained that I should spill a whole can of stain. Why? I am not sure entirely except that I need to learn to trust the Lord even in the frustrating or bad things. I was preaching to myself yesterday when I wrote that we can be content {in whatever does or does not happen} because we can rest in the promises that God has given us. We trust that He has a perfect plan.

So what is the Melonas Family up to? We are up to decorating and learning to trust God more each day. Even when we spill paint. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What the Melonas Family is Up To… Besides Making a Mess

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