Working Girl Recipes // Frozen Breakfast Burritos

As I have shared before, my husband and I each work two jobs. This means that I need to be creative with my meal planning because I am just not home that much. Plus, we leave really early so that he can drop me off at my job on his way to work. I have been trying to come up with some healthy and quick options for breakfast, rather than eating cereal or toast. Those are not terrible options, bad but they don’t have much protein. Frozen breakfast burritos just might be the perfect option for us!

Yesterday afternoon I made a large batch of scrambled eggs. You can make them just the way you normally would.


At the last minute, I mixed in some cheese with the scrambled eggs. Then I scooped about three spoonfuls of egg onto a burrito sized tortilla. I made two different kinds: turkey and spinach-tomato.



Then I folded up the burritos, wrapped them in foil, and stuck them in the freezer. In the morning, we pulled them out and microwaved them for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. We had a hot, healthy breakfast this morning that only took a couple minutes to get ready! To my surprise, my husband even chose the spinach and tomato one over the turkey burrito! 🙂




One thought on “Working Girl Recipes // Frozen Breakfast Burritos

  1. That is a terrific idea! This would be helpful to send with my husband to work, since he’s a firefighter and often leaves too early to want to eat and is sometimes up early enough to want to eat before he comes home when he gets off duty after a 24 hour shift.

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