Trash2Treasure Tuesday // The {Almost} Finished Dresser

ImageYou know those projects that you never seem to finish? This is one of them. It was a great find! It was about $20. But I didn’t do anything with it for a long time. I was a little busy wedding planning or something! After sitting in my parents garage for about six months, my brothers graciously lugged the dresser to my apartment.

This lovely lady drove about 2 hours to come help me paint it. She is a painting expert! I have a lot to learn from her.

ImageI was so excited to have the dresser painted finally! But then I realized that the screws that came with my knob were too short. So after another week’s delay and some measuring, we went to Home Depot and purchased the correct sized screws. Long story short, those screws did not work either! So our dresser is almost complete, minus another Home Depot run. I didn’t want to delay another week doing this post though. So here is our almost complete dresser!


Close-up of the adorable detail on the dresser. To get the trim to look like that, we gently sanded the trim and dabbed it with brown paint.



2 thoughts on “Trash2Treasure Tuesday // The {Almost} Finished Dresser

  1. What did it look like before? šŸ™‚ it looks awesome now! We are looking to do something similar.. We need a dresser so badly! Haha

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