Tasty Thursday // Three Tempting Treats

In my office, the ladies have what we call “Tasty Thursdays.” Each week a different lady brings a tasty treat to share. Today I brought the crushed pineapple coffee cake. I used the left-over pineapple from this white chocolate fruit tart I made for Father’s Day for the coffee cake. The white chocolate fruit tart is to die for! Also, the last picture is of balls of chocolate chip cookie dough that I freeze and pull out a couple at a time to bake. I just leave the dough balls out while I am pre-heating the oven and they bake just fine!

My recipes for desserts I had made lately were piling up, so I am doing a post on all of them. Click on the links below the pictures to download the recipes. Enjoy the recipes and let me know what you think if you make one of them!




White Chocolate Fruit Tart

Crushed Pineapple Coffee Cake

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


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