Trash2Treasure Tuesday?

So this does not really count as a Trash2Treasure Tuesday, because it was not something that was trash to begin with. However, it is Tuesday and hopefully this is something that can be a treasure to my friend. 


This is my best friend. She is getting m a r r i e d. And I could not be more excited for her and her fiance! {Also, we apparently really like that pose!} I made her a little something to help her plan her wedding. It is a wedding planning notebook with places to hold all those brochures and business cards that you pick up along the way.  


Inside was a to-do notepad, sticky notes, business card holders, and plastic page inserts to hold papers. In the back, I put wedding planning worksheet. You can download those free here



Marriage is a wonderful gift from the Lord! And I am so excited for her to experience it! 

What did you use to plan your wedding? 


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