What Are You Standing On?

Disappointment can be crippling. Often it is a pain that others cannot see and/or cannot relate to. You try to describe it to others. You try to explain why it is that it hurts so much, but there are no words for the aching in your soul.

Disappointment can be catastrophic. It can lead to bitterness or dissatisfaction. You might be upset when others get what you wanted. You might question what the Lord is doing in your life. It can hinder your prayer life. You just want to know why.

Disappointment can be conquered.  Disappointment is conquered by a grounded theology. As Christians, we spend time memorizing Scripture and learning God’s truth for moments like these. Doubts and fears are swept away by the currents of God’s love and promises that we find in His Word. When you are facing the “Why?”s of life, you can combat them with what you know to be true. Do not be driven by your feelings, fears or failures. Be driven by a grounded theology of  a great and glorious God.

What are you standing on today? 


One thought on “What Are You Standing On?

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