You Don’t Want to See Me Mad


You don’t want to see me mad. No, really you don’t. I get frustrated easily, but I don’t get mad easily. But when I do get mad, I rant and wave my hands around wildly. It’s not very ladylike. Or very Christ-like. Usually. 

Last week, I got mad. But it wasn’t because things did not turn out the way I wanted, it was because of an article that I read on modesty. I was so mad at the distortion of the Gospel and the disregard for modest dressing, I couldn’t even think straight. 

Basically, the bottom line was that us women are not responsible for how men react to what we are wearing. We should be able to wear what we want and the men need to control themselves. What in the world?! How did it come to be that we are not responsible for what we wear anymore? 

She was right. Men do need to be careful and to guard their eyes and minds. But I think that this Christian blogger has forgotten why it is that we wear clothes in the first place. Without even touching the issue of causing men to stumble (which I know is a very real issue), we can make a biblical argument for dressing modestly. Here are the reasons: 

1. God created clothes to cover nakedness. 

Think about the story of Adam and Eve. What happened after they sinned in the Garden? Adam and Eve realized that they were naked. Pastor Rick Holland points out that this was their first response to having a conscience. Next we see that God “…made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21). This was the first picture of the Gospel in the Bible. The Lord sacrificed an animal and covered up their nakedness. Clothes were created to conceal nakedness and when we do not cover our bodies it is a perversion of the system that God instituted. 

I think from that point alone we can make the argument that we need to cover our bodies. But there are more reasons than just that. Join me the rest of this week as I look at why it is biblically that we should be modest.


4 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to See Me Mad

  1. Oh, tell me about it! I read this article, too and got very frustrated! What a selfish culture we live in…ah, feminism 😦

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  4. We’re not responsible for how our clothing affects other people? PREPOSTEROUS! Even if we looked at that from a secular point of view, it’s completely illogical (not that secular morality follows much logic to begin with…). As Mark Twain said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society.” Everything you’ve said is very solid, the need for modesty does go all the way back to that first shame in the garden of Eden. If Adam and Eve had not sinned, there would be no disorder in the way we view the human body and thus no need to cover ourselves, whether from a sense of shame or a desire to guard others from sin. But because of that shame, the way we cover ourselves is now a matter of preserving human dignity. Even if all guys had perfect control over their eyes and minds, it STILL wouldn’t be right to walk around wearing provocative or sloppy clothing. It’s not dignified. Modesty just makes SENSE.

    BAH. This got me mad too! Haha. That original blogger clearly doesn’t understand the entire issue of modesty.

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