Monday Morning Mantra


Monday Morning. It is another week – another day. I don’t know about you, but sometime I feel more tired after the weekend. My weekends are spent catching up on chores and cramming in some social time. This weekend was particularly crazy with our car breaking down. Fun times!

After a busy weekend, it can be hard for me to get going with everything again. I have been realizing more and more my weakness and my total dependence upon Christ. The Lord has been showing me that I need to take time every day to cry out to Him and ask Him for strength. If I don’t do that, I end up getting frustrated with myself and what I didn’t get done or I focus on how I failed.

So my “Monday Morning Mantra” and really my every day mantra, is to preach the Gospel to myself. I recall the truths of God’s Word and the work He did on the cross for my sins.

Why do I do this? I preach the Gospel to myself for the following three reasons:

1. Remember His Faithfulness – Lamentations 3:22-23
When I am tempted to doubt God’s goodness or be frustrated by His timing, I recall His faithfulness. He has always done what He has said. He promised to send His son and He did. He has promised to make me more like Him and He has. Great is His faithfulness!

2. Repent of My Folly – Psalm 69:5
When I remember His faithfulness, I am ashamed of my lack of trust in Him. I foolishly think I can handle things, but I can’t. Only the Lord knows what is best and He is working things out according to HIS perfect will.

3. Reap the benefits of Filling My Mind with Truth – Philippians 4:7
When I have remembered what God has done and repenting of my lack of trust, then I can reap the benefit of preaching the Gospel to myself. The promises of His Word and a restored relationship with Him fill my heart and mind with peace.

What do you preach to yourself on Monday mornings? What promises of God are comforting to you in times of doubt?


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