One Week of Cooking with an Iron Skillet // Final Day


Today concludes my week of cooking with an iron skillet. It has been fun to experiment with different types of recipes in my iron skillet. Last but not least, we have a skillet chocolate cake from the blog Cookies and Cups. My husband loves chocolate cake and it is my lifelong goal to find a cake that he loves more than any restaurant’s cake. This one was pretty good! The frosting is so creamy and buttery! (Maybe because it is basically all butter!! 😉 )

In case you missed anything, here are the recipes from the week:

1. German Pancake

2. Three Cheese Mac and Cheese

3. Easy No-knead Skillet Bread

4. The Classic Frittata

5. Skillet Chocolate Cake

If you made any of the recipes from this week, I would love to hear from you! What did you like best? Thanks for following along this week!


One Week of Cooking with an Iron Skillet // Day Three


My husband and I are big bread people. We love it. Seriously. We consume an unhealthy amount of bread! And this was good bread. My husband even asked if we could have it again after dinner instead of dessert!! 

I liked this recipe because it is one of those throw it all in a bowl and mix it together kind of no-fuss recipes. The recipe does call for it rise twice, so it is a little time-consuming. But it is not hard to make by any means. Enjoy this recipe from Baker Bettie.


Easy No-knead Skillet Bread

It is fun to choose recipes and to have variety in our food. I was reminded yesterday that the ability to choose is a gracious gift from the Lord. It is not a right. The Lord can take away your freedom to choose any time He chooses. Relish the gift that He has given you to make decisions today.

The Great Focaccia Fail


Don’t be fooled by this deceptively delicious-looking focaccia!

Yesterday I was craving focaccia and so I tried out this recipe. It seemed simple enough and I had all the ingredients (which is a rare event since I am still building my pantry)! I was running low on flour, so I used a cup of whole wheat flour. I figured since it wasn’t all whole wheat it wouldn’t affect it too much. I was definitely wrong about that! Instead of it being chewy and delicious, it was dense and dry. The flavor was okay, but you couldn’t get past the texture. My sweet husband told me it was delicious, but I told him he was mistaken! So I will be on the hunt to find a scrumptious focaccia recipe. If you have a great focaccia bread recipe, send it to me!