One Week of Cooking with an Iron Skillet // Final Day


Today concludes my week of cooking with an iron skillet. It has been fun to experiment with different types of recipes in my iron skillet. Last but not least, we have a skillet chocolate cake from the blog Cookies and Cups. My husband loves chocolate cake and it is my lifelong goal to find a cake that he loves more than any restaurant’s cake. This one was pretty good! The frosting is so creamy and buttery! (Maybe because it is basically all butter!! 😉 )

In case you missed anything, here are the recipes from the week:

1. German Pancake

2. Three Cheese Mac and Cheese

3. Easy No-knead Skillet Bread

4. The Classic Frittata

5. Skillet Chocolate Cake

If you made any of the recipes from this week, I would love to hear from you! What did you like best? Thanks for following along this week!


One Week of Cooking with an Iron Skillet // Day One


One of the advantages of not working is that I get to experiment with different culinary techniques. I had received an iron skillet for a wedding present, but had never used it until last week. A few days ago I seasoned my skillet for the first time and it went a lot smoother than I thought.

 So for a fun experiment, I thought that this week I would try to cook every day using my iron skillet. This week I will share the recipes with you that I have tried as well as some tips for using an iron skillet.

Today’s recipe was German Pancakes. I have eaten this scrumptious treat before, but I have never made it. My husband was willing to be the guinea pig this morning. We thoroughly enjoyed this pancake recipe, although, as my husband said, it was really more of a dessert! The recipe came from What’s Cooking America.


“Why is it a giant puffball in the corner?!” exclaimed my husband who has never had a German Pancake before.

Click Here for the German Pancake Recipe

Tip of the Day: 

You can find easy instructions for seasoning your cast iron skillet here on one my favorite blogs. Be sure to open all the windows so it does not get smelly or smokey in your home.