A Misinterpreted Verse

C and N

This weekend my husband and I are in New Hampshire visiting family. Being out here reminds me of how the Lord has worked in my heart to make His desires my desires

Psalm 37:4 is one of the most misinterpreted verses in the Bible. The verse says:

 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

We often take that to mean that if we are delighting ourselves in Him – aka loving and following Him – then He will give us what we want.

No. That is not what it means. It does not mean that you get whatever you want. Delighting yourself in the Lord is not some means of manipulation to get God to give you what you want.

Delighting yourself in the Lord is submitting yourself to God’s will. And when you submit yourself to the Lord He often changes what you want to be what He wants. So He does give you what you want. But because you have delighted in Him and submitted your will to Him, His desires become your desires.

So delight yourself in the Lord by submitting to His Word and loving Him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and He will give you the desires of your heart by conforming them to His will.

Happy Lord’s Day!

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Countering Selfishness


When I am tempted to fuss and fret,

Because all my “needs” have not been met,

Or when I am prone to great despair,

Despite working hard life isn’t fair.

I realize I’ve come to believe the lie,

That the most important person in the world is, I.

My anger or my wallowing sorrow,

Results from the selfish attitude that I borrow.

When I let self my conscience cloud,

Fleshly rule has been allowed.

But to counter my naturally sinful bent,

I have a help that’s heaven-sent.

I dwell on His most precious blood,

And to my heart the joy does flood.

How can I help but praise and sing,

When dwelling on the selfless King?



What Are You Standing On?

Disappointment can be crippling. Often it is a pain that others cannot see and/or cannot relate to. You try to describe it to others. You try to explain why it is that it hurts so much, but there are no words for the aching in your soul.

Disappointment can be catastrophic. It can lead to bitterness or dissatisfaction. You might be upset when others get what you wanted. You might question what the Lord is doing in your life. It can hinder your prayer life. You just want to know why.

Disappointment can be conquered.  Disappointment is conquered by a grounded theology. As Christians, we spend time memorizing Scripture and learning God’s truth for moments like these. Doubts and fears are swept away by the currents of God’s love and promises that we find in His Word. When you are facing the “Why?”s of life, you can combat them with what you know to be true. Do not be driven by your feelings, fears or failures. Be driven by a grounded theology of  a great and glorious God.

What are you standing on today? 

Little Failures // Big Successes


This past week has been one of the busiest weeks.  I am so tired that I can hardly think straight! And my body feels like I just got finished horse-back riding! This blog post is a conglomeration (I am surprised that I came up with that word due to my tired state!!) of some of the high points and low points of my week.

  • High Point: The wedding that I coordinated this weekend went incredibly well! Praise the Lord for that!
  • Low Point: I made a meal this week where I LITERALLY burnt every dish I was cooking. I had gotten a little distracted when the phone rang. My husband still thought  everything was great! He is either really in love or has no taste buds… I prefer the first one! 😉
  • High Point: My brother and sister got baptized last night. It was a beautiful proclamation of the redeeming work that Christ has done in their lives.
  • Low Point: I was “grooming” the carpet in the vacant unit we have in our building (I didn’t even know that carpet groomers existed before this week) and it totally disintegrated in my hands. See the picture above for proof. It was kind of humorous!
  • High Point: My husband surprised me and is taking me to Disneyland on Friday! We are so excited!
  • Low Point: The end of the busy-ness does not seem to be in sight. We had hoped that when school got out for my husband that things would settle down. Little did we know that we would end up with two vacancies in our building (we are apartment managers) and things would be even crazier.

I surprise myself how easily I forget the good things that the Lord has done. But when I am tempted to be frustrated or to dwell on the bad things, I remember two truths:

  1. Hard things are “momentary, light affliction” in light of eternity. {2 Corinthians 4:17} The things that we have to look forward to in Heaven are so outstanding that any hardship here on earth dims in comparison. 
  2. “His mercies are new every morning.” {Lamentations 3:22-23}  I had a Bible professor in college who explained to us that this word for “new” in this passage meant something entirely new that had never been seen before. That means that every day the Lord gives entirely new mercies that are uniquely created for that day’s needs! I am blown away by that!

I would love to hear some of the high or low points from your week! Comment on this post and tell me how you remind yourself of the good that the Lord is doing in your life. He has already accomplished the greatest success of all – dying on the cross and rising again!


– When you are tempted to dwell on the bad stuff in your life, fill your mind with His truth. Read Lamentations. The prophet Jeremiah wrote this while he watched his city burn. These truths are so much sweeter when you know the pain he was going through.