You Don’t Want to See Me Mad


You don’t want to see me mad. No, really you don’t. I get frustrated easily, but I don’t get mad easily. But when I do get mad, I rant and wave my hands around wildly. It’s not very ladylike. Or very Christ-like. Usually. 

Last week, I got mad. But it wasn’t because things did not turn out the way I wanted, it was because of an article that I read on modesty. I was so mad at the distortion of the Gospel and the disregard for modest dressing, I couldn’t even think straight. 

Basically, the bottom line was that us women are not responsible for how men react to what we are wearing. We should be able to wear what we want and the men need to control themselves. What in the world?! How did it come to be that we are not responsible for what we wear anymore? 

She was right. Men do need to be careful and to guard their eyes and minds. But I think that this Christian blogger has forgotten why it is that we wear clothes in the first place. Without even touching the issue of causing men to stumble (which I know is a very real issue), we can make a biblical argument for dressing modestly. Here are the reasons: 

1. God created clothes to cover nakedness. 

Think about the story of Adam and Eve. What happened after they sinned in the Garden? Adam and Eve realized that they were naked. Pastor Rick Holland points out that this was their first response to having a conscience. Next we see that God “…made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” (Genesis 3:21). This was the first picture of the Gospel in the Bible. The Lord sacrificed an animal and covered up their nakedness. Clothes were created to conceal nakedness and when we do not cover our bodies it is a perversion of the system that God instituted. 

I think from that point alone we can make the argument that we need to cover our bodies. But there are more reasons than just that. Join me the rest of this week as I look at why it is biblically that we should be modest.


Saturday Challenge // How Are You Living?


The Lord is working the most intricate details into things for His glory!

Last night as my husband and I were walking into our building, a resident came up to us and said, “Hey, I noticed you guys were religious. Where do you go to church? I want to go to church.” We were totally floored. We have never had a conversation with him about religion. This was just the Lord working subtly in his heart. It convicted us that people are watching our lives. We were challenged to live in such a way that reflects that we are ambassadors of Christ. 

Are you living in such a way that reflects that you are a servant of the Lord? 

For the Sake of Christ // I Am Content


People seem small in comparison to the size of a mountain.

Disappointment does not have to be ungodly. We see examples in Scripture of believers who handled disappointment in a godly manner. Paul is an example of this type of attitude. Three times Paul asked the Lord to remove his thorn in the flesh, but the Lord would not take it away. And what was Paul’s response? He said, “For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” Paul was content with what the Lord had given him – even though it was not his first choice – because he knew that his weakness displayed the Lord’s greatness.

Disappointment is held at bay by a high view of God and a low view of man. I have a high view of God. My high view of His sovereignty and complete control over everything sometimes tempts me to blame God for the ways things are in my life. Continue reading

What Are You Standing On?

Disappointment can be crippling. Often it is a pain that others cannot see and/or cannot relate to. You try to describe it to others. You try to explain why it is that it hurts so much, but there are no words for the aching in your soul.

Disappointment can be catastrophic. It can lead to bitterness or dissatisfaction. You might be upset when others get what you wanted. You might question what the Lord is doing in your life. It can hinder your prayer life. You just want to know why.

Disappointment can be conquered.  Disappointment is conquered by a grounded theology. As Christians, we spend time memorizing Scripture and learning God’s truth for moments like these. Doubts and fears are swept away by the currents of God’s love and promises that we find in His Word. When you are facing the “Why?”s of life, you can combat them with what you know to be true. Do not be driven by your feelings, fears or failures. Be driven by a grounded theology of  a great and glorious God.

What are you standing on today? 

The Lord Will Fulfill His Promises // Free Printable



This verse has been incredibly sweet this week as I learn to trust in the Lord and in His timing. Click on the link above to download this free printable. It is created for a 4 x 6 frame.

What verse has been especially meaningful to you this week? 

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